First Tuesday in November

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
The field is still mostly dark at 7:58 am on this first Tuesday morning in November, and the day promises to be long what with guys prayer meeting already behind me, then I'm doing a service at the city hospital, and ending up the day with a General Board meeting.

It's still a good morning and I suspect I'm still in the afterglow of our holiday in England. Was it only two weeks ago that we were riding a ferry across Lake Windermere and had lunch in a 600 year old establishment? We walked up to Hilltop to see where Beatrix Potter ruled her world and cut short development of the area buy purchasing up old farms and keeping them working. We drove through the hills and dales of the lake district and discovered Lakeland Stores with their upscale quirky offerings. Then I believe it was supper at Pizza Express in Kendal.

Yes we worked hard to cement some memories into the permanent memory spaces we have in our hearts.

But today, what about today here in the field.

I should go get ready for the service this morning here at the hospital. It's my first time here and I'm not sure what's expected of me.

And you, on this cool November morning, you have a good day too alright?



  1. I hope that glow lasts a good long time, and that you can dig out memories that bring a sense of fun, as well as scenery.

  2. Don't worry Toni, there are plenty of fun Friesen memories, as well as scenery ones, in these here hills. Linea, Pizza Express is a pleasure for those of us who have it round the corner - glad you enjoyed it too.

    And R and L, hope your day has unfolded well and that holiday memories have combined with today's realities in a way that is of God.

  3. We ate at Pizza Express in Windsor, since they shut the gate to the castle 3 seconds before we got there.

    Who needs history when there is good pizza to be ingested?


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