100 Days on Holy Island

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
100 Days
There are six books out there somewhere that I ordered from amazon.ca and they are suppose to be on their way here with UPS but the UPS guy, Kevin, has not found his way to The Field yet. Thankfully one of the books I ordered came via the good old fashioned postal system.

100 Days on Holy Island seems to be about a writer who plunked himself down on Lindisfarne Island, otherwise known as Holy Island, for 100 days in the winter of 2000.

The writing is a bit jagged but he writes mostly about what life is like for an outsider moving there. It's a good travelogue so far, and the tension between the "God Squad" on the island and the "Regular Islanders" is an interesting mix of characters.

I'm just a few pages in but I'm enjoying it a good deal. And so far it seems like the religious types have been treating Peter Mortimer well.

Bring on the rest of the book.


  1. Maybe that is what you need - a week on an island maybe instead of 100 days.

    And Chicago is no island. Its a sea of people.

  2. Maybe I can live it much cheaper through the book!!

  3. I#ve read that book too !! As you say the author's perspective is very interesting, but I've heard that he isn't very popular on the Island.

  4. I believe it.

    I wonder if he's more or less popular to the original islanders or the outsiders.

    It sounds like a very quiet, windy place in winter. I should think a good place and time to go deeper.


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