One of those things that I will not miss whenever I'm done being a pastor.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Standing in the shower tonight letting the hot water warm me up to a reasonable temperature once again, it finally dawned on me why work has been a bit too crazy lately.

I started to count the different committees and boards I'm involved with in the local church here. Those I try to meet with or lead or answer to or those I do work for. I counted, gulp, eleven local leadership groups I am a part of. Eleven committees or boards here in my local church.

One or two are occasional meetings and one is a yearly meeting and work, but most of them have been busy meeting lately and a couple of them have been meeting a couple or three times a month.

Probably two are due to our staff shortage, and a couple are because we are in a season of transition. But even I'm a bit caught off guard by that revelation. Especially since meetings don't energize me that much. One on ones energize me a good deal more and make me feel like I'm contributing more to peoples lives and relationships with God.

It actually helps me feel better about my tiredness and life right now to realize that this us happening. I expect that number to drop as the future becomes clearer and as we look at bringing on extra staff. But for now it is just the row that I hoe.

When the day comes that I am no longer a pastor, I think that I will never miss a board or committee meeting ever again.
Course I've been wrong before.

Tomorrow mornings meeting starts at nine. Best find some sleep.

Night from the field.


  1. I can hold hand over heart and say that I have never once missed meetings in my last five and a half years of retirement!

  2. I woke up this morning thinking I needed to do a post about meetings - and then read this and thought that would be unoriginal ! Also, I haven't had time because I've spent the day dealing with the aftermath of meetings - the meetings that don't generate any work are sadly few and far between.


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