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Thursday, April 07, 2011

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Today as Lauralea and I were in the London Ontario area, we decided to follow through on an invitation we had received, to visit a reader of this space, and a friend of a friend. Our connections were created as a result of Internet connections.

Since we had a few hours and unlimited kms to put on the rental Altima, we headed out. Our confirmation phone call found her gracious and as inviting as ever.

Fiona has lived in the same house, or shall I say cottage, and community for over fifty years and has established a community of caring friends in the area. I mention her home because it was so inviting and restful. It was peaceful in a way that was active and grace giving, rather than the kind of peaceful that is simply a lack of activity. That's what my soul needed today, these days I suppose.

And her story was so hope filled. It was such good medicine for my spirit.

We drank tea together in her conservatory as she told us a bit of when she was younger and she would work on the Island of Iona, when Rev. George MacLeod himself used to be there. Wow.

Too soon we had to leave, but we've taken some of her with us. She's one of those people you hope to end up like as you age. Because life can be tough enough and it's not always an easy thing, but you make choices. Choices to move towards the cross, or choices that move you away from it.

She, as far as I could tell by the graciousness of her presence, is still moving towards the cross.

It was a very worthwhile detour.

Thanks Fiona.

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