I remembered when he asked me about lunch tomorrow

Monday, May 09, 2011
I remembered that it's Micah's birthday tomorrow and he turns, gulp, 17.

He's the last of em, children I mean, and he's heading full steam ahead into the future. Since tomorrow is his birthday, I'll buy him lunch, like I've always done for all the kids on their special day. It was always another way to connect with them a bit, as a dad.

For tomorrow it sounds like Pizza Hut, so I hope they have lunch specials on because the timing might be a little tight, back to school wise.

One of these days a post is in order about how much life changes when kids are leaving the nest. It's a time you look forward to, and get them ready for, and then it comes and you are left sort of trying to remember all those things you were planing to do when they were off, but you can't remember.

Yeah, another day. As for tomorrow, it's Happy Birthday Micah Day.


  1. And a Happy Birthday to him from me.

  2. SEVENTEEN!!! Hope he has/had a blast!


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