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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Well at least for a week or so, from camp. He was doing the Senior Counsellor thing at camp this summer, and after one week it sounds like the bugs who live in beds made a showing. A number of the leaders have spots but his were the worst, and though I've seen those kinds of bites before, I've never seen them so abundant.

So camp this week has been postponed till we can get it cleared up. And here on the home front we are on the offensive, giving everything he had with him, the washing and heat treatment. Oh and prayer treatment, lots of that, so that things won't be transferred here.

So the boy is home for the week, and that after the first camp went so well. Mixed moods here, but we and he will make the most of it I suspect.

It is good to see him again, even under the circumstances.


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