A tired, sunny Sunday morning in the field

Sunday, July 17, 2011
It dawns on me as I prepare for the morning feeling like a truck met me head on in the night, that there will be those present for worship that will have no idea of the week gone by.

The long and good congregational meeting Tuesday night where we all passionately shared future direction ideas, Wednesday night and it's wedding rehearsal and supper, then Thursday morning when we came back to the church to find the basement flooded in places it hasn't flooded for years. Getting that back in shape in time for the Thursday evening wedding rehearsal. Friday's big wedding here, and evening reception and dance in Camrose. Lastly yesterdays second big wedding here and reception and dance in Wetaskiwin.

Some of these people have seen me every day for a week.


So the day will unfold with that broad sense of experience. Some here many times and some not at all.

I'm looking for language that will respect both experiences, as well as those who we will be praying for who head off to camp tomorrow morning, and those who will be giving a brief update on their trip to Haiti. It's a full day today.

So I better be off, the band is starting their practice.

Blessings on your Sunday. May you be able to share it with others who are moving towards the Son.

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