Thursday, September 08, 2011

Life is Movement

Life is movement.
On any given day,
with any given decision
we are moving towards God
or we are moving away from God.

With our thoughts and our time
with our choices and our money
with our energy and our resources
we are moving towards God
or we are moving away from God.

And some days we might ask
where is the choice?
where is the decision
to move in either direction?

But it’s in the subtle small affairs of the heart
its in the choice to listen, or in the choice to drown out
it’s in the choice to serve the one close to you
or the choice to serve oneself
it’s in the willingness to call out for help
or the hearts desire to suffer alone

We all move closer to Christ
or we move away from him.
Towards the cross
or away from it, rejecting its hope

And in that daily movement
we either push away the life and grace and freedom and confidence
or we receive them all, as gifts we could not create ourselves
because in the humility of being needy
we are able to receive them all

As we move towards God
as we move away from God

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