Tonight it feels like winter is moving in

Tonight it feels like winter is moving in, lock stock, and barrel.

Today was a beautiful day in Edmonton, certainly warm enough for just my sweater. And there were an abnormal amount of motorcyclists out there for November 10th.

But alas tonight there is a freezing rain warning out, and a threat of 5-10 cm of snow falling tomorrow. So, that's a nice foundation of ice, and then it's going to dump snow on top of all that lovely ice. You know what that makes? Me very cranky.

I know it has to come, but it's that initial shock to the system that for me is tough to handle. Especially with a week of vacation left.

I also know that many of you have already faced the grim grip of winters icy hold on you and so you have little pity for me. But remember, tomorrow I have a son driving to town to sing in a concert with a car with rear wheel drive, who hasn't done much winter driving at all. Connect the dots and you'll see that tomorrow has the potential to be a stressful day.

But today was good. A little bit of hospital visitation, a great Vietnamese lunch, some bookstore snooping, a seasonal spiced latte from Starbucks, and tonight a bit more studying. All in all a very good day, which is great because tomorrow is going to be a mess.

Old man winter is moving in.


  1. You can have my sympathy - 8 days ago I was sat in 30+'C, and while it's now cool and damp here, there's no sign of real ice and snow. I wonder if your younger daughter will eventually tire of ceaseless grey skies?

  2. Ah, thanks be to God, really, because we've seen a twenty four hour reprieve. That meant that Micah had no snow or ice to mess with and I had no worry issues to deal with.

    Now it's starting outside, slowly at first, but it's starting.

    I think the only thing worse would be +30C right about now.

    Hope your trip is great Toni.
    And yep I think that cloudy sky thing is reaching into the heart of the girl, along with a few other things.

  3. She knows where we are, and is welcome to escape if she would like to.


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