I miss my dentist.

Monday, January 23, 2012
It is not lost in me that my dental care for the past ten years has been quality grade A, number One work done by a caring friend, Dr. Linea Lanoie. I will forever be grateful for how she made dental work a regular part of life for me and took the fear out of most of it.

I grew up with terminally bad teeth no matter how hard I would try, and because we were not that well off, most of my dentists were little old men who couldn't speak or understand a word of English, and who didn't want to use more pain deadening freezing than was absolutely necessary. So dentists for me were always associated with a freak show, involving pain.

Until Linea came along.
I sure miss her these days.

I got in to see a dentist today because of the pain in my mouth. It's nagging and troublesome and I'd like to be free of it. But after pictures and an $120 exam, he couldn't find the problem.

He did find other things that need attention in the next three visits, to the tune of nearly $700. Which I don't doubt. But I left $120 poorer and the pain still there.

I have to decide if I will continue down this road. I nearly used up my $1000 a year dental plan in one day, and I understand that in Alberta the fees are not regulated so you are encouraged to shop around.

But thanks to Linea, I wasn't freaked out about going.

She made a difference.


  1. Hi! I have just been introduced to and am enjoying your blog. I can relate to your feelings for a good dentist. I have travelled half way around the world and now across Canada to a dentist in Edmonton. Dr. Fairbanks is the only one I trust my root canals to. ;-) Good luck with your dental mission!

  2. You are too kind. I miss my patients like you too. Some days I wonder what I am doing. At least in that profession I sort of felt competent.

  3. It's difficult to find a dentist like Dr. Lanoie, who is a professional. I admire you for being able to find a person like your dentist, and I admire her too. I'm sure she is a big part of your life and a great friend, since she took away the fear and anxiety you used to associate with going to the dentist.

  4. Do you have a sinus infection? That often causes dental pain!


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