Happy St. Valentines Day... it was a massacre right?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Well, there have been better Valentines days, that I know.

In grade three after a month of having that large envelope taped to the side of my desk for people to put their Valentines Day cards in, and I had faithfully filled out Charlie Brown Be My Valentine cards and inserted them in every other child's desk envelope. Then on Valentines Day at Mrs. Folkfords instruction, tearing the envelope open to see all the love in reds and pinks and such. A good day for love in a grade three class. Better, simpler days.

My valentine is at her mothers this week, so my company for an intimate supper for two was Micah who brought home after school a large extra cheese and ham and pineapple pizza with pop that we mowed through and just before we opened up his spicy muffins he made in cooking class for dessert, I headed out for a meeting. At least I've got them to look forward to.

Been trying to get work done around here because I'm doing pastoral care/Spiritual direction this weekend in the/A big city, so I need to do the extras so that things will manage around here just fine.

My asthma is acting up today and I'm short of breath and wheezing around the place like, like, oh I dunno, just wheezing a lot. I still need to learn how to care for it I guess. Miscommunication with the Doctors has left me a bit in the dark with it all.

Feels like things are stirring out here in the field these days. We had a good Annual Meeting/ Telling the stories of the past year, meeting on Saturday. Reaching limits with our physical space and looking for new staff has me asking God, "Now what?"

Indeed, now what.

Well for now I'm heading home and those muffins Micah made. And sleep. I'm kinda tired out too.

So Happy Valentines Day out there*

*massacre not implied.

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  1. We can talk about your asthma when you visit next week, I'm a master self-medicator. I just got over my first every cold that I didn't take antibiotics for.

    And happy valentines day! Your granddaughter misses you!


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