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Friday, March 02, 2012
I believe that it was about 9 pm local time Tuesday that we arrived home from our epic journey. Then Wednesday we rushed to town for some errands and by three pm we were back in the field working with the youth and preteens who overrun the place each Wednesday evening. This evening there were 47 kids who participated in events, a number to frighten any solo pastor.

Yesterday I was in Red Deer to attend a seminar on abuse issues in society and families and churches. It was a good day, but a considerably emotional one too as I remembered so many of the faces and hearts of hurting women we've cared for over the years.

Today was about correspondence and trying to get Sunday in place. Hmm, Sunday, Sunday, I was going to talk about making the hard decisions in life about what to do and what to leave alone so that we become the kinds of people we would like to grow into down the road.

It could be I need that chat more than anyone else.

Creating the rhythms in a busy life so that we become the kinds of people we want to be usually starts with a bit of discipline. It gets the rhythms going so that we follow them and become shaped by them.

Sometimes its difficult. But really, the good things in life are not easy come.
If they are easy come, they are easy go.

If you want them to stay, they will take work, effort, and patience.

Now, who do I want to be in a year?


  1. I guess it's time to build your dream board. And put on that board all those things you want for yourself in the future. Cutouts from magazines, books, etc ...

    You've been a busy man, going from here to there, being father, husband, grandfather and pastor. All of those roles are showing you who you will become, because they take work on a daily basis, depending on who you are with.

    The young people have taken to you and accepted you and nothing will be the same again. We need a strong lenten leader. Who will share with us truth and honesty. The message is important, but more important during these days of winter is communion, for ourselves and for each other.

    You are still becoming ... That is a truth.


  2. Actually, now that I posted that, you could take that task to your young people and get them to build their own dream board as well. Think of it as Pastoral Ministry. Yes, Pastoral Ministry. We all need a dream board to remind us.

  3. Who do you want to be in a year? You're trying a for a quick fix again, aren't you?



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