One more snowstorm?

Thursday, March 22, 2012
The snow is falling again.
Big, wet, lazy clumps of snow falling from heavens storehouses.

I was out at an appointment when it began earlier this morning. Now I'm doing some studying here in our front room.

From here it all looks quite lovely in a white upon white upon white way. Actually it feels positively cozy in here. We've already done lots of work today be it Moms of Preschoolers, or me at my ministerial meeting. It already feels like a full day done.

Probably that's what makes me want to hunker down and let it snow outside.

But we are off to try to reach Edmonton yet this day. A supper appointment and running an errand for the church will take up the rest of the afternoon and a chunk of the evening.

So one more time this winter we'll get storm driving prepared, mobile phone ready, ham radio working, and head out in this snowy mess.

The comfort is that this will all be gone quickly too. And it will moisten the ground enough for the farmers to start getting itchy for seeding.

From the stormy field.


  1. We're just heading out to the beach! Play at St. Malo and supper at Le Routier.

    Travel safe, you two!

  2. Drive safe. Not too much longer shall the snow fall.


  3. Thanks you two.

    It was crazy out there, just unbelievable. Probably the worst I've driven in this year, and in March no less.

    But we enjoyed supper with my brother and his wife.
    All home safe now.

  4. Thanks for letting us know. It hit 20'C/70'F here today - hopefully the warmth will get over to you soon too.

  5. There will be more than one more... Where is spring? It's officially spring, but not officially here in terms of the weather...


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