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Friday, April 20, 2012

The words just are not here this afternoon as I sit and work in my office trying to get ready for Sunday so I have something to say and don't look like some pastor-wannabe. I've been working on it for some time now and the words just are not falling into place.

Funny how the words were there for the delicate emails I had to write this week. They were there for the congregational meeting and the other meetings I took part in. They were there for my visits with people going through difficult patches. They were there when community people asked if I could help them a bit to prepare strong words to say to the local school board to dissuade them from closing the local grade school out here in the field.

But here it is, Friday afternoon, and the words just aren't coming for Sunday morning.

I've done this too many years to be freaked out by being wordless on a friday afternoon. But I am, disoriented. Praying, listening, reading, watching, for the right words.

Looking for the right words that will challenge and encourage a group of people who worship in a field.

Alright see, there were even words there to offer you this distraction for a few minutes on a Friday afternoon. But none for Sunday.

I'll be working this weekend, and there will be words.

And for you all?
Do something fun this weekend, especially if you don't have to work.

It may or may not involve words.
Your call.


  1. I remember singing at a bereavement/type service a couple of years ago and the minister of the day also seemed to have run out of "words". I kept wondering what was up with him?!?! Then, during the course of his message, he started describing some of the critical situations he had been called to during the past couple of weeks and I realized that he needed that bereavement service as much as the other mourners did, so I sang a little harder and took my own job a little more seriously.

    All that to say that I will be expecting you to also be on the receiving end of blessings, both now as you prepare, and during your service on Sunday; that, while you dig deep to find words to say, words will also be spoken to you that will bring YOU life, whether it is the gracious Holy Spirit Himself, or via ordinary people.

    Lord, place words in this heart, words of life and hope! God bless.


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