Is this still Tuesday?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Tonight as I stood in the shower leaning up against the wall and letting the hot water warm my bones, I was trying to get prepared for tomorrow so my first task was to remember what day it is tomorrow.

That was more or less when I remembered slowly that today was still Tuesday.

Tuesday, early prayer with the guys. It was a good time today.

Tuesday, I had to drive Lauralea into the hospital for some tests by 8:30 am. I say I had to because when she's fasting her blood sugar levels goes crazy, and as her blood goes, so goes she.

Tuesday, when I did the service at the hospital, which was convenient since we were there anyway. Thankfully no big "Pastor, pull my finger!" joke tellers in the crowd today. It did seem like a big deal today though, it doesn't always.

Tuesday, I was in the office in the afternoon trying to get ready for tonight.

And Tuesday when I went home to grab a nap and when I was awakened for supper, it felt like the middle of the night to me.

Tuesday night and I headed over to the school board offices to make a presentation against the closure of our rural school out here in the field. Probably more nervous than I had a right to be.

Tuesday and a shower and to bed.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and that starts with a 9am ministerial meeting in town.

I'm declaring Tuesday officially over, for now. We'll do it again next week.

Night Tuesday.

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  1. So funny... as I'm sitting here reading this, Marc says, "I forgot to phone the babysitter about Bible study tonight." My reply, "Is it Wednesday?!" "Yes..."

    :) We'll figure it out one of these days.

    Hope the school board presentation went well and that you have a good Wednesday.


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