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Saturday, June 02, 2012
So I've been sick with the flu this week, and that is a miserable thing. There are places to go and things to do, but it pretty much takes all my energy to get out of bed and shower. It should be passing soon though.

I saved up my energy today for this video I've been working on lately. Its just a new way to communicate with people in the church who don't read their bulletins or webpages much, but who do seem to like video, especially if they can get it on their phones. We'll try it, see if it helps.

 Stay well yourselves.



  1. I wonder if you could email the church calendar as a spreadsheet to smartphone users? Now it would be really useful if there were a universal app for calendar events outside of Google.

  2. As usual I hit publish too soon. Hope you've slept well and are feeling better this morning.

  3. You know I've thought the same thing. But it may have to be easier to install and run than a spreadsheet might be for some of the people.

    What I'm finding is that some people just won't read the stuff, where ever and however its presented. Im wondering if people are generally doing more daily reading what with Facebook etc, each day now, than they used to do, pre internet.

    And if the number of hits are anything to go by, we've been seeing more people viewing the videos, even up to 25% on mobiles, than we make bulletins each week.

    And thanks for checking up, I have been feeling better as of yesterday, thats for sure.
    But I've been thinking of you and your body, hope its getting better guy, and that you are able to rest.


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