See, I've been to La Crete.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This picture still makes me smile.

In La Crete Alberta, up for a weekend at my aunt & uncles place and the belt on the old Plymouth Fury came off. It did this occasionally and all one had to do was to put it around the one pulley near the engine, and gently place the other part of it over the fan pulley. Then just simply turn the key over. It would grab the belt and turn it over and back on and into place nicely.

I'm not sure we were married then because as you can just make out, She is sitting in the middle of the bench seat which was always her seat until single seats came out, and she's watching beneath the hood for me to give the word to "Crank it over."

We were quite the team, even then.

Anyway, proof that we were in La Crete, in the EMC Church parking lot.

Now I wonder who took the photo.

(more retro pics here)


  1. Wow. You looked like a bit of a thug in your dating years. But maybe that was normal then?

  2. That tie dangling over the engine looks a bit vulnerable..and if you had leant forward and L had cranked the engine at the wrong moment... How safety conscious we've become since then !

  3. Wow - what a cool site for all of your pictures. In all of my years poking around your blog I had never clicked over there. Very cool. I hope all is going well up there. It looks like we're actually going to have fall in Tennessee this year instead of just summer heading directly into winter!


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