Going, again.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

This time of life with kids who are adults finding their way in the world, feels like most of our time is spent saying goodbye.

Last night we said goodbye to Hillary, again.
This time the goodbye was said at a train station, and like some lost little family we stood by the tracks waving out love as she left for a new adventure in Winnipeg.

And I thought how many times and how many ways have we've said good bye to our kids over the years.

You would think we were becoming experts at it by now, what with all the experience we've had. But oddly enough it still is tough to hug your girl or son and release them into the world again and again.

Last night we said good bye as she heads to Winnipeg to get a job and settle in to what God has for her there.

It is a good thing that they feel free and healthy enough to leave and to get on with their lives. And it's kinda cool that each of our kids has been responding to a strong inner sense of direction. For some they've experienced a calling to a place, for others it's a calling to a job or work, and for others its a sense of deep clarity about who they are to be with, as they move through life. Each has a clarity about things that is there and invites them to walk along side the One who can see the end from the beginning.  What more could we ask for?

It is good. And it is hard to say good bye. That's the oddness of this part of being parents.

So in the middle of last night, we stood beside a train and said good bye, again.

These kids...


  1. With every travel post you can find a picture of mom standing to the side, giving the camera a frumpy look.

  2. That's not frumpy, that's her sad face.
    She had it on till Minneapolis the last time we left your place twice. :)

  3. "Last night we said good bye as she heads to Winnipeg to get a job and settle in to what God has for her there."

    And that is amazing, really.

  4. Toni, yup it is, really.

    Johanna we spent an hour tonight looking at you kids in old pics and now how Norah has changed over the past two years.
    You all have changed so much and yet are similar.
    At least we can look back and smile.


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