The new pants. (Trousers for you UK-ites)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
So I bought some new jeans the other day. And I bought like a guy buys. Park, run in, go to the jean section, pull out my size, try them on, pay, leave.

I decided to try the middle aged, below waist jeans this time, and they were snug, because of the waist and the straight leg cut which I wanted.

$24 each so I grabbed two pairs. Done.

Nice, until day one with them on. Wow, snug is the word. Can't cross my legs, can barely bend my knees. I really hated the baggy jeans years, but this is really close comfort I may need to get used to.

The beauty of them is that I think it's impossible to fall down in them. There isn't room to collapse in them, kinda like leg braces. So even if I slip on ice, I stay up. Not bad at all.

I'm liking them I think. Might even go with my red runners I got in So Cal. (See what I did there? Instant street cred by talking about my recent trip to Southern California)

Now I just gotta get comfortable with my shirt hanging out over my trousers.

Hey people, it's a journey.


  1. Randall you're a hoot! I found that so hilarious!


  2. Well a smile is a good thing to share too.
    I'm glad you could enjoy one.


  3. Sounds like you bought shares in a cheap hotel - no ballroom (can I say that on a Canadian pastor's blog?) ;)

    As long as they aren't ankle-swingers I'll happily still be your friend, to walk down the street together.


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