A beautifully still Saturday afternoon

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm in my office this Holy Saturday afternoon preparing for tomorrow.

My window is open and the +2C breeze is nicely filling my room with spring hope and the silence is deafening here in the field. The only sound in here is the radio playing ClassicFMs yearly Hall Of Fame music which is amazingly appropriate for the day.

Like a quiet rest point along a busy road.

Herself is surprisingly sick with an inflamed thyroid gland and when she gets sick sick she gets goofy, so illness and bad jokes have settled upon our household. Micah is ill of health too, but his enables him to leave the house when he wishes to. And his is much less, funny.

The radio makes me think of our friends in the UK who are moving through easter weekend as well, and the day makes me think of our children near and far and how fun spring could be for them all growing up as winter receded. I hope they are having a good Easter where they are.

Micah has halfway finished his green peeps and I've long since devoured my white chocolate easter egg of the season, so we may have peaked early. But tomorrow is work and so it is better to peak when one has the chance then to miss the treats altogether.

So here's a hope that your Easter weekend is good one and that you are able to take a bit of time along the way to celebrate what it's all about.

Here's a little Easter Card for you all.

May you have a reason to smile this weekend.


  1. Walking through Easter here too; a mix of the (very) devout and the secular ways of observing the feast are happening on this Island. Chocolate will wait until tomorrow, but resurrection is already on the way, despite cold weather and losing an hours sleep tonight...


  2. Hello my friend.
    Been thinking of you there on the Island, doing your work.
    Asking God to be close and present.
    And as the Lord rose earlier there than here, a most blessed resurrection day to you Rachel.

  3. A little late, but thanks for your easter and otherwise wishes.

    Sorry to hear Laura isn't too good, but bad jokes are always good to hear. And Micah too - hope he's better soon as well.

    Enjoy your day after the day of major effort.


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