I am the Yoda

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Tonight at the board meeting of this little church in the field, we were recording our names and birth dates for official government papers. It came about that the numbers wizard was doing the math in her head and quickly declared me to be the eldest person there.

That was a bit of a sudden surprise, to me at least. There has always been older, wiser people to defer to. Always someone who could bear the weight of the heavy decisions. Always somebody older than I.
And now here I am, the experienced wizened old man. I never saw that coming.

In 28 years of being on these boards, I've never been the eldest, ever. I've always listened for the wisdom and experience from the elder states persons, always. Now it's my turn to step up.

It seemed sudden and real, this shift in perspective, but it was there in my spirit. I am the Yoda, and now I defer to myself.

Wow. I better start acting the part.


  1. Imagine how Marc and I felt at Faith, being in the category of the "older" people there -- in our early 30s! It's so nice to be back in a place where we are young again. :)

  2. Can we call you Randalf the grey?


  3. So young to be so old. I like Toni's suggestion. Has a ring to it.

  4. So young to be so old. I like Toni's suggestion. Has a ring to it.

  5. Strangely I feel drawn by Linea's comment. Twice.

  6. :) groan, ring.

    I've been thinking about Randall, Lord of the Field.


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