Now is the winter of our discontent

Sunday, March 17, 2013
It has been snowing for the last three days, on and off but mostly on, and the wind had been blowing it around the yard and the temperatures have been below normal. So people are getting cranky.

Cranky, depressed, short tempered.

It's noticeable out there. A few more family squabbles, more disgruntled customers, unhappy relationships.

People are booking appointments to talk through personal struggles. And that's good because it means they are wanting to face and deal with their, stuff. But it is community wide. Others are going through it too, trust me.

There has been cold and snow on the ground since mid October. That's five months people. That's enough to depress even the most optimistic sham wow salesman.

So maybe remind one another of that fact, and bear with each other a bit more. Watch out for each other and choose to not hold on to a hurting remark from a friend. Blame it on the weather, at least for a little while.

One day soon the sky will clear and the sun will come forth and the piles and piles of snow will start to melt and your heart will be strangely warmed towards your loved ones and you will see them in a new light and hopefully you will not have done permanent damage to your relationships by then.

Hang in there people.
It will get better.

I hope...

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