There is enough

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Sometimes you think God's got bigger work to do over there in Africa, feeding the children and keeping people from killing one another, and so you get to thinking that your struggles hardly seem worthy of his time. Then there are days like today.

Some of you will know that Micah, the last one to leave the nest, has a health condition that causes him considerable pain and discomfort, and makes it difficult to consume food, and to speak with a great deal of clarity. This has been a growing problem and was discovered for the most part, when he had braces when he was younger. He's been in a holding pattern since then, waiting for his bones to stop growing. Well it seems that we are near to those days now. Late last year he entered the process that would medically treat him for his condition.

The treatment for his condition isn't covered by any provincial health coverage or any privately available insurance programs so we've been talking to God about what this need looks like. I've not felt a lot of stress about it and that's kinda crazy for me, but its been really good to not feel worry about these things.

The doctors and surgeons have quoted us total costs in numbers that would pay for a brand new minivan with a  modest set of accessories included. Deep breath. To date we are already into this process with numbers that would buy us an older but trustworthy five year old car.

Now comes the fun bit. We are scheduled for tomorrow morning to arrive for the next step in the process, and we have been advised to show up with the sort of cash that would buy a one to two year old, nice sort of vehicle. Then we looked at the due date for our actual yearly car insurance and we discovered that it's due tomorrow as well. Another deep breath.

We've not wanted to use our different borrowing options or lines of credit to cover these needs, so yes we've been talking to God about these things. Yesterday and today Lauralea and I have been meeting and working over the numbers, and to our surprise and delight, when we pool our different accounts and savings,  we are able to cover both bills and still have some left over for the necessities of life for a few weeks. Numbers that are completely beyond our ability and even in some ways, comprehension, are provided for by Himself.

Really, that is so encouraging to me. Yes its years of savings but on this March evening before the payment is due, it's enough.


In a year we'll need another half of a vans worth, but for now let's enjoy that there is enough.

That's just how he used to care for us when the amounts were so much smaller. Years ago when we'd pray in money for the bills or for food, or even for braces for the kids. God would always bring enough, at the right time and in different creative ways. Always providing, always caring, always watching out for us and hearing our little human prayers.

So for now be encouraged with us, there is enough.


  1. When we've honoured Him, God has never let us down with money - so good to hear your answers to prayer like this. That amazing grace.

  2. I have felt unbelievably delighted by this. I think I had a little more inner stress about it than I realized, according to the relief and excitement I felt when I finished crunching numbers. God is good. All the time.

  3. You are in my prayers, as is Micah. Your attitudes, gratefulness and faith in God are very encouraging to me. ...but shouldn't I be the one encouraging you at a time like this?? You will be remembered in the days and months ahead. May God continue to hold you. In the palm of His hand.

  4. :) it was a good day today.
    Now can I seek to remember the details of this day and the ways He cares for his own so that when bad days come, and they do, I can rest in his provision.

    Always learning.


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