A mushy love story

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So it comes that today is April 18th.
April 18, 1983 was the day that Lauralea and I chose to be, exclusive.
Thirty. Years. Ago.

In a relationship that was a good friendship, supportive and caring, somehow when the work of the college year was done and a short holiday up north with friends was undertaken, the obvious became apparent. We were meant to be together. And so we have been, ever since.

The above picture was taken in my dorm room, I believe, after a month of touring through Canada in different music groups. Both our groups arrived back at the college within a day of each other, and so we had a few days before we would part for the summer. Her to work at one camp in BC and I to a summer of more touring and working in different camps.

This photo was taken of Lauralea on Lake Superior by one of her tour group mates as they drove to Ontario that April to sing in churches and to represent the college in that part of Canada. It's one of my favourite pictures of her.

And so a few days after the first picture was taken, we parted ways for the summer. She went to work for the summer at Ness Lake Bible Camp, and I would be on tour with four others, singing in churches throughout Western Canada, and working in various camps across the area as well.

This picture came about because our team was driving through Prince George BC, near where Lauralea was. We were on our way west to another camp, but I was given a couple of hours visiting time by the guys, and so we planned to meet at this restaurant. When we pulled up, she was there waiting for me. As I got out and hugged her, one of my team mates took this picture. It's been with me ever since.

So thirty years has passed and we are still the friends we were then, only deeper, and richer. I've always found that to be good advice when people ask me for such wisdom. If you can, marry your best friend and work hard at it. If you're careful, the friendship can remain, and much more can be added to it throughout life.

Hopefully we can run down another thirty years, and still laugh together and share life together, and take some more crazy pictures together.


  1. Awwww. I love these pictures, your story, and you two! Thanks for sharing. Happy next 30 years!

  2. I LOVE this. Stories like this are rarer and rarer and your advice is so good. Beautiful. Congratulations on being the minority. :)

  3. That third photo is just excellent! What a moment. Congratulations to you both!


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