Of Paris, Mr. Blue Sky, and dreams

Friday, April 05, 2013
Just sitting here listening to a little bit of SuperTramp's live Paris concert and flashing back 33 years to when I was 16 and had purchased the double cassette for my enjoyment in the car. Now I'm sitting here in my living room and enjoying the accompanying memories as I listen to it over the internet, on rdio.com. My oh my. How times have changed.

How was the week you ask? Thanks for asking, it was Easter times two. Five of the last six evenings were spent in work related endeavours and as the schedule went, we did one service at the local hospital, and we did two services at care homes. Most of the busyness of the week was just schedule related, difficult schedules passed on to me by those who make such things. But it's Friday night and I grabbed some fun when and where we could get it. A late coffee out last night, a supper and visit with friends, time for a midday nap two of these morning, noon and night days. Simple pleasures that help get one through.

(Ok musical update as we've moved on to ELO's Mr. Blue Sky, circa mid 1970's)

And dreams.
Two profound dreams on two consecutive mornings, that ended gently and as they faded to black, consciousness returned to my body. Slowly waking me, on both occasions, just before the alarm went off.
Two emotionally moving dreams that reminded me that it's better to live in the present than it is to live in the future, and secondly, that it's better to live in the present than it is to live in the glory of the past.

At least that's what I think they were about. I didn't realize I was doing either one of those things THAT much.

But maybe I have been.  I probably need to listen a bit longer to the secrets the dreams hold for me. It feels as though they are like two book ends and between the two are volumes for me to learn.

Then tomorrow morning breakfast with Herself as we try to reconnect after a week such as this, and share more than five words, then some more work for Sunday.

(And on that cue ELO's Diary of Horace Wimp starts up and I can see that is another sign for me to be done for today.)

So I shall leave it there and head to the shower.
Glad it's Friday. It's been a long week and I'm looking forward to Sunday and Holy Communion with the local Saints.


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  1. Once again, sleep well my friend.

    Now..... sermon prep. :)


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