BirdSong in The Field

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Since our return from the vacation, Lauralea and I have both caught some nasty ongoing viral, flu like, cold thing. She is coughing her brains out and I am aching and snorting my way through a miserable week.

But then the rains came and after the rain came the birds. So today I hit record and this is the audio I caught from the little blighters.

Much better than the audio you'd hear from either of us.



  1. Add to that the buzzing of the bees and you have the delight that comes with attending the barbeque on the back deck.

  2. I guess its all in perspective. There is Buzzing here, but its not from the bees. Its from the swarms upon swarms of mayfly's/fish fly's. If you look closely enough at the sky you can see tiny black insects moving about. Its rather quite gross, and im just glad they aren't the kind of insect that bits.


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