Congratulations Micah

Saturday, April 26, 2014
The last child, in our case his name is Micah, has the benefit of parents who have learned a thing or two on raising kids by the time it's his turn at bat. I suppose sometimes that has it's strengths and weaknesses but it is what it is.  We are all human and we just do our best as we move through life and what it tosses in our paths.

Anyway, that's a little too moody for today. Today Micah graduated from CLBI. The Camrose Lutheran Bible College, and that's an event worth celebrating. He's spent a good year rounding off the edges of life, learning to live in community, finding out better who he is, and growing in connection with God. It's a pretty good sort of school, and in terms of doing those things, it does them very well.

IMG 5579

He's grown in his sense of himself and he's developed some good leadership skills as his heart is in worship and helping others to worship God too. He's learned some things about faith and trust and God's ability to meet a need.

It's always pretty cool to see who your kids become, their strengths and graces, and if they can get through the tough times, life can open up in front of them.

IMG 5599
Leading worship at the banquet

IMG 5615
President Harold Rust congratulating Micah

IMG 5618

IMG 5628
The 60 person school with one to fourth years

IMG 5633
Micah and his mom

IMG 5636
Micah and Me

The next chapter for him starts this Wednesday as he undergoes major facial reconstruction surgery. It's enough to make me choke, but he's facing it quite well, at least on the outside. If you think of him, send up a reminder to God hey?

But as for today he's moving back home, at least until he's back up and running. So that will mean which channel will we watch and who gets the good seat and "Turn the music down" and like that.

But that's ok. He's not here for a long time any more.

Congratulations Micah.


  1. Wednesday, eh. Will be praying. And wow! He's already looking handsome.

  2. Really good to see him pressing on, both with life & God. And well done the two of you too, for what you've helped grow up in him.


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