Today I did a wedding

Saturday, May 03, 2014
Jordan & LeahI did a wedding today. It was a great day and the couple was good to work with. They are young and going places in life and both in school still, but today was about love and commitment and Pink- the colour of their day.

With the stresses of the past week and work and life, I really found it difficult to focus and to remember the small things you need to remember when you officiate at a wedding. I was really very nervous today and that is it's own stress I suppose. I always have put a lot of pressure on myself where weddings and funerals are concerned, but I'm finding it all gets more complex, the more I age. I don't really like that.

It's an odd thing but for me nothing feels as lonely in a community, as wedding time. It's the time when the pastor is needed because he is the pastor. He's the local professional called upon for this work. He's not really a part of the community, nor is he really considered a friend of the couple. He is usually invited to the reception, so there can be a nice meal included in the day. But he really doesn't know many people there because he's really, from away.  So it is. It's just how I'm wired and there's really no way around it.
Did a wedding today. For  Jordan & Leah. It was a good day.

Usually the fun of working with the couple and getting them hitched is good enough fun. Like today. Some days you think will they make it? And other days like today, it's a pretty confident feeling in my gut that they should be just fine. Great even.

I love that pastoral work involves weddings, and I wouldn't want to miss them for anything. But they are intense and a bit of a lonely reminder that you are from away.

Tonight I had some great fun with my pretty dinner dates on either side of me. That was fun.
A thorn between two roses. Lauralea is sick so these two are my right and left table buddy's at the wedding reception.

Now I need to go and work a bit on tomorrow. I'm not feeling ready, even though I may be.

See you locals tomorrow morning in church.

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