Eight years on

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
To give a context, eight years ago, this happened...

I think it was on Fathers Day that I was rereading one of my grandfathers old sermons and he had written in the margin, "I find it most difficult to call God my father because of my poor relationship with my own father."

We are shaped by our own relationships with parents and shape our own connections with our kids. But, we are shaped.

While dad and I were not closeclose, (I'm not sure either of us knew that at the time, or how to get around it.) I am deeply grateful that when I think of God the first word that comes to my mind is father.


The father/son thing, that shapes a lad, and though dad and I really had lots of room to grow, I am deeply grateful that between him and my heavenly father, I'm doing pretty well.

They both have given me a good name to live into.


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  1. You have a good testimony of your father. 8 years. So much, and so little time.


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