Denver Tired

Monday, January 26, 2015
I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck.
So. Tired.
I recall waking in the wee small hours needing a glass of water, and it was only 12:48am.
I am in rough shape. I admit it.
Work has been hard core since I got back from holidays in early November. And now we are done our Annual meeting, (which was awesome by the way. God awesome.) Now my schedule is urgent meeting clear for the first time in months. So that is great.

This is a reset time for me, this midwinter pastors week. So I'm trying to reset myself. Trying to balance self alone time along with connecting with people time.

Today is walking and napping time. Doing some reading of poetry and some praying, which is alike and for my spirit.

And God is close and looking out for me, and pushing me when it starts to get too much about me.

I just need a lot from this week and today is a dodgy start, physically at least.

So I'm done my coffee and croissant and the sun is out and warm so I'm off to walk a couple miles downtown, including a stop at a bookstore for a good book of poetry.

Let's see what Denver has to show me.

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