River Falls Movie Theatre

So last night Lauralea and I went to see The Avengers, right downtown at the old town movie theatre.


We were met by two well dressed ladies our age, who took our payment, $4.00 each for adults. Then one took our order for two medium sodas, cherry coke I might add, and a big bag of candy, all totaled three dollars.

We were at the early show and the place was mostly full for that showing.

The pre-movie commercials were from local establishments announcing their wares or, dental workmanship.

Very cool.
I'm told it's the cheapest theatre in the USA. And for us the evening was $11.00.
We figured that if we lived here we'd go to a lot more movies.

It was fun.

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  1. Y'know, reading the last 2 posts reminds me how focussed I've been this last few weeks, as this country held its breath and then as I had some things to do. Miss you both, even though we only get to meet every couple of years.


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