You voted for the blues last night?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
2015-FederalElection To those of you who voted for the Conservatives last night, especially those who live in the part of Canada where I live, that big blue area.

Last night the blues didn't win, and that's ok.

It's ok because you live in a world where you have a say in these matters. It's ok because you live in a place where you are not killed in the streets because you voted blue or they voted red.

It's ok because the blues have had a good opportunity for the last ten years, to do good work. And now its the reds turn.

It's ok because the leader of the blues, Stephen Harper, led by example last night when he said:

"...our country is one of the most enduring democracies in the world today. And today, for the 42nd time in 148 years, Canadians have chosen a national parliament. While tonight’s result is certainly not the one we had hoped for, the people are never wrong.  The Canadian population has elected a Liberal government, a result we accept without hesitation. "

The test of a man isn't shown when he wins but when he loses. And last night the leader of the blues tested well.

So for those who voted blue, today the reputation of the blues can be diminished with critical shots and personal insults, either in person or on twitter and Facebook.

Or cues can be taken from the leader of the Conservatives who was gracious, and we can celebrate this democracy of ours. Celebrate the past ten years. Celebrate that the next generation is stepping up to have a go at leading this nation. Celebrate and dance in the streets that no one was killed and shot down because of this process.

There are many good things to celebrate this morning.
So find good, affirm truth, search for the noble, the pure, the lovely, bless what is excellent and think about these things today.


  1. A lot of people voted just to get him out of office. Those people will than complain about Justin Trudeau in due time. I don't know if you find it odd, but when Richard Nixon was in office, he made a trip to Canada and said to Pierre Trudeau that he would have a child as Prime Minister. Conicidence?

  2. I voted the way that would allow me to sleep at night.
    I voted based on my experiences as a man with a disability, what I have observed since I became an adult and concerned about politics, and the way I was raised to be.

    Throughout the campaign I tried to keep my mouth mostly shut and will continue to do so in the future. Some things and some topics stir deep inside me and I cannot remain silent. Too often I remain silent when I feel the need to speak about what I believe is right. Those omissions often do not sit well with me but I just don't have it in me to have those debates, discussions or out right arguments. What I would love to see would be exactly which express, minimal cheap shots and immature sentiments… from both sides! Bad winners are just as intolerable as bad losers.

    Angie is always right in that things change remarkably slowly. I'm not going to jump and declare that the sky is falling. However, I am going to be prepared that should there be cuts to the Registered Disability Savings Plan, the Tax-Free Savings Plan or murmurings of another long gun registry, I will be prepared to invest all that I can, while I can and maybe purchase Fiona's first target rifle and tuck it away for her until she is old enough and educated to use it.

    I agree that it is wonderful to live in a country where we can vote freely and without fear. I hope we always hold ourselves to that standard as I would expect nothing less from this country.

  3. Well said guys.
    I've pretty much always voted for the local guy, or the needs I see in that season of life for our country. So in my history I've voted all over the map. And I'm ok with that.

    What I am getting tired of is the shots, the lies, the innuendo, the smear campaigns. I'm tired of professional politicians and personal agenda, and I'm really tired of them all not working together for the best of Canada. And I'm not just talking presently. It feels as thought the whole system has moved more and more in that direction over the years.

    And to take a stick and poke at it, either side, just evokes a crap storm that only leaves one smelling like crap. That doesn't help persuade or convince anyone.

    All governments seem to tend towards corruption after time, and so will this one probably eventually. But maybe thats one reason we are called to pray for them all.

    Maybe some of the blame lies with us.

    1. Randall, voting all over the place shows you vote based on who will do the best job rather than because you like a certain party. That's the way it should be done. I voted differently in 2011 than I did this year. People don't do that and voting based on the party you like is the lazy way to vote.


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