God, Bless America?

Saturday, January 28, 2017
It was halfway through the primaries on a Sunday morning and I was walking through the church when I had a picture or a realization that Donald Trump would win the primaries and then go on to win the presidency.

It was not what I would easily declare to be a God moment, although it was a very clear picture that I can remember to this day. It was profound because no one was giving him a chance to even be the republican nominee for president.

Personally as I watched the election process unfold and was shocked again and again by his person, I did go back and forth between him and his rival. The American/Washington system needed such a good cleaning out and I knew that she wouldn't be able to do that. But his character was so broken... I wouldn't wish that character on any nation.

Now here we are, a week into the Presidents rule. There are reactions against him from coast to coast and around the world.  He's already brought more change than some presidents bring in a whole term, partly because the Republicans control of the Senate (and control both houses of Congress).  However its also because of who he is, his character.  I find myself grieving over who America is now going to become.

I suspect that America will shrink now, will begin to diminish in its historical influence and power. There will be more and more conflicts within its borders, and less respect from the nations.  Its days of being a superpower are, I think, behind it now.

If it happens at all, it won't happen overnight. This will be a process that will erode the historical nation over some time.  As long as it doesn't do something so self destructive as civil infighting, which I suppose could still come.

The great nation will recede, but maybe that's not such a bad thing. (Said the Canadian)

On January 20th I wrote;

Oh America,
You voted him in. You chose him.

He is the fulfillment of the American spirit
He's money, he's Hollywood, (He's blond)
He's brash, and bullying, he's in your face.
Strong, uncompromising, arrogant, manipulative.
He get's his way, he plays with truth.
All you value is in him America.

Why is he worse than the others?
Is it because he doesn't hide his sins?
His character is deeply flawed.

Others hide their sins and we call them good
yet there are none perfectly good.
He sins without shame and we don't like that at all.

But America, you voted for him.
More of you voted for him than didn't vote for him.
Your renouncement and repudiation of him now
is only a renouncement and repudiation of yourself.

Admit your sin and repent of your true character
and maybe God will relent.

You now have as your leader the fulfillment of your identity.
He is you America, at least he is the majority of you.

As your king takes his place, think hard America about who you want to be.
Maybe God will have mercy.

Maybe God will use him to change the spirit of America.
To humble her and to break her.
Maybe that's why he beat all the odds and all comers.
Maybe God has given her the fullness of who she is in her leader,
to help her see who she has become.

But for now America, behold your King.

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