The land isn't ready.

Monday, May 01, 2017

These are difficult days here for our farmers.
For some, last years crop is still on the ground and it doesn't dry up enough to even get that off the fields, let alone start this years crop.
Tough days. 
We are praying.


  1. I feel for the guys at the mercy of the elements, who can't just go and work to be productive. Do they have past experience of how to deal with times like this, or is it new patterns to learn & adapt to?

    1. I think its both. However most of these guys haven't seen it like this. We have on old gal that remembers harvesting in May and the guys had to put rubber bands around their trouser legs because of so many mice that year living off the grain, that the mice would run up their legs. But also climate changes are slowly happening it seems. They will adapt.

  2. Cool pic with a nice sky BTW.


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