Friday, March 11, 2022

Friday Update

This week was kind of one of those miracle weeks where there was much to be done and not enough time to do it all in. I am pleased to report that I am more and more comfortable with this given that God continues to take the wheel and does the miracles needed to see the day/week come to a close, completed.


Tomorrow we the church leadership are out to the camp for the day to talk and plan and pray for the days ahead. Of course it's suppose to snow, again. Hopefully the roads won't be too bad.

And I think everything is ready for Sunday as well. (Again, see above miracle.)

If you want to come and join us here at Malmo in the Field, find the map at 

You can also find the link there for the livestream, starting at 10:30 mountain time. Oh and that's right, there is a time change this Saturday night. Spring, is it spring ahead? I think so. Anyway Google says we lose an hour of sleep. Great.

Have a good weekend you all.

Last weekend was the Saskatchewan Telemiracle still going strong. They raised 8 million for the people of Sask. Way to go Saskatchewan.