Monday, September 05, 2022

Prelude to Autumn

The thunder was rumbling early this Labor Day Monday morning, and the rain was sparse. Not enough to soak anything which I think is a good thing for now given that the guys are in the fields trying to get the crop off.

Last week the heat was in the 30s and that’s rare for us here. But today when I got up it was raining a bit, the thunder was rumbling and it was overcast. Certainly the weather was cooler than it’s been for days, +12 C.

So I came to sit in my sitting place here in the sunroom with the windows open looking out over the fields and trees and it dawned on me that really this is a prelude to autumn. The nights are giving it away most because they are cooling off now like they didn’t do in July and August. That cooling off is helping us cool off the house so that the days are not so hot when it reaches into the 30s.

But it is nice to sit here with the overcast skies and the occasional short rain shower. There’s a cool breeze that wafts in from the outside and I can smell Lauralea’s jasmine plant next to my chair.

Yes autumn is on the way and now we’re into September. Things are starting up again, kids are going off to school, the farmers are in the fields harvesting, and church is continuing to move forward.

I am generally very encouraged by the congregation these days. God is moving in our midst and there is room for him to touch hearts. Yesterday was such a lovely day of worship and God was so present. Many peoples hearts were touched and encouraged and challenged and what more could we ask for.

I feel as though we are moving well along the path we chose for this year. The path of healing and reflection and moving deeper into relationship with one another and with God.

All the fellowship times have been well received, and I see people caring for one another. So it feels to me like we as a congregation are getting lighter.

There are some individual stories that are heartbreaking and tragic and too close for comfort. It has been a very difficult few years in the areas of mental health. You never really know what’s happening in the hearts of people who gather on Sunday mornings to worship God.

I should say that I continue to do well. God is blessing with every provision for every day. He is teaching me new ways to live and new ways to pastor. Ways I have longed for for many years.  My prayer these days is that God would continue to renew my heart and my actions. That he would give me his heart in all these things.

So when I see the edge of autumn starting to move across the land like today, I am not overwhelmed or fearful. I feel ready for it. I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time and I am looking forward to what the future has for us here in this field. … As long is winter is not in a rush to arrive.


  1. It was a great service yesterday 😊

  2. Great to see comments back.

    Sounds like things have moved back to a good place, for which I am enormously glad. May your winter season arrive slowly and leave early.

    We had the most amazing storm last night here in the Morvan. At first the sky grew a little dark, then came continuous thunder for more than 40 minutes, caused by sheet lightning and the reverb effect of the storm being over a valley. After about 20min the rain started, gradually becoming torrential and turning the road into a river. This morning the rivers here were running with a new-found and very brown enthusiasm, having been rather low after the drought in France.

    I also have some repairs to do on a drain pipe. :p

    1. Hey fella I have been thinking about you lots lately. The heat, then the rain. ...your mom, your girl....

      I hope that this time in the lavender fields is good for you. Just stay above the water. :)

  3. BTW nice new (clean) blog design.


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