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Friday, October 05, 2007
Now here's a cool thing.
Open Media Network runs a quality Video and Audio viewing site that:
...provides free Internet TV and related services to audiences seeking high-quality, educational videos and socially conscientious programming. It gives viewers easy TV Guide®-like access to previously hard-to-find content created by noncommercial networks, educational institutions, non-profits and community-based organizations. Based on the most efficient video delivery technologies available today, OMN is thus enabled to provide its standard free video downloads and free audio downloads in HD- or DVD-quality format. It also lets viewers take their personal OMN libraries mobile or to their living room TVs through TiVo®. Anyone with a public service mission can provide content. Primary content areas currently include: 1) public affairs/service, 2) education, 3) health, 4) arts & culture.

I downloaded the software and from first look it seems a good free deal, if you're not into reruns of Rosanne or whatever.

It's a great start for quality television and radio on the net. Let's see how it progresses.

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