Spiritual Direction

Saturday, October 06, 2007
For whatever reasons, it seems that Spiritual Direction has been on the radar of a number of different people and organizations lately. It's coming up in conversations I'm having with people about leadership, and in peoples personal development stories. Interesting to me is that I'm not initiating those discussions.

Part of me is afraid it will be seen as a bit of a fad thing, a place to go to get "Fixed." Or worse yet, it may be seen as something you need because the fellow in the next office has his own Spiritual Director. Like in the 1970's when everybody had their own therapist.

I suppose that is just me being pessimistic though. A confluence seems to be happening, at least in my life, as more and more people ask me about it.

As for a simple reminder of what it looks like for me, I'm stealing this statement for now.
"Spiritual direction is a ministry of listening, discernment, and prayer in a confidential setting of encouragement and compassion. Through this ministry one finds a spiritual companion who can listen to the stories of one's life and help discern the presence and work of God's Spirit. Though we believe God is always calling us and leading us, sometimes we need a "soul friend" to help us to recognize God's voice and respond to his presence. This companion intentionally sets aside the concerns of his or her own life to listen and attend to the experience of God in the life of the other. The ministry of spiritual direction is the ministry of being such a listener and friend. The goal of spiritual direction is that those who enter into direction would grow closer to God and become more the persons God created us to be in Jesus Christ."


If looking at your interior life seems like something that might be a help to you, I have some spots open.

Give me a call.


  1. That *looks* a lot like pastoring and discipleship to me.

    With a couple of cool expressions like "soul friend" (hey - maybe that comes with a Curtis Mayfield voice?) to add a little spice.


  2. Yeah, I would agree, at least with more of a sense of Shepherding than CEOing.

    That's why it fits me alright.

    What may be happening is just a growing desire for the old sense of needing a shepherd to walk a while with, rather than needing a pastor who'll tell me what to do and how quickly I can solve my problems.


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