High Treason

This should be punishable by death.

A chocolate bunny, saved for an afternoon after a night of four hours sleep, trying to stay awake, needing a chocolate buzz,



What's "Milk Chocolate FLAVORED" mean Anyways??

It's NOT real chocolate, and to say it Tastes Like Chocolate is like saying Napoleon was just a little bit of a neighbourhood nuisance!

Sheesh what a rip off.

Who bought this...?

Oh yeah, my mom did.

Thanks mom for the lovely chocolate bunny.


  1. Ah yes, the dreaded Fake-Milk-Chocolate Bunny, AKA "Milk Chocolate" Bunny. I've "enjoyed" several of them over the course of my lifetime. You can't take chances; you gotta read the fine print on those chocolate bunnies.

    I feel your pain, Randall. I can taste that "milk chocolate" just by thinking about it. Yuck.

    Just had a look at the wrapper there. It's not even a bunny, is it? It's a "confection". Have you opened it to see if there is actually a bunny face behind that purple cellophane and not just a square block, as one might expect a Confection to have. Why are they covering the upper body of the Confection and just showing the lower half (which appears to be facing forward)? Isn't it Chocolate Bunny convention to show the bunny's be-eared head in profile?

    I don't like the looks of this, Randall, not one bit.

  2. PS. No offense intended to Mom Friesen.

  3. You got a chocolate flavored easter bunny from Mom? Lucky.

    I guess you are her favorite.

  4. We assumed it was from mom, at least it was in the house after Easter.
    I may have made a mistake...

  5. 70% or greater. That's my line. If sugar is the first ingredient I don't even touch it. I'm not getting fat on cheap chocolate. I feel your pain.


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