Nearly ready to fly

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
In this 25th year of us, Lauralea and I started talking a long time ago about making a trip. An epic journey to celebrate the epic journey we've been on together these 25 years.

We chose to go to the UK, which holds a few of our friends, and some fond memories for Lauralea and myself, and a few powerfully simple spiritual shaping moments for us.

We are heading north to hide out for a few days in the lake district. The plan is to chill and relax and read and walk and sleep and write. Just live in a village for a while. Go to church, shop, buy some used books at the local Oxfam store, lunch at the local pub, you know, just live.

The second part is to visit Toni and Chris for a few days. Internet strangers who have become friends over the years and the miles. I'm looking forward to being with them and sharing our stories again. Who knows how many times we may have to do that again.

Finally we plan to make our way to London for two days to connect with the London Mennonite Centre people again, fifteen years since our last visit. That last visit was profound for me and the short version is that after that visit I stopped trying to not be a pastor. I accepted the calling I had been fighting with for nearly ten years.

Yes, two days in London, and then back to the field and the coming of winter to end the year of us.

It's more of a thanksgiving tour I think. Grateful hearts for the years we've shared together, remembering shared experiences, and giving thanks to God whose given us these years.

Pretty cool indeed.

You have yourself some fun too while this place is quiet, ok?


Night, from the field.


  1. Have a wonderful time. Rest, relax, visit and enjoy some wonderful misty mornings to walk and wonder in. And you will take pictures, won't you?

  2. So excited for you guys. I was just wondering yesterday when you guys were heading out and thinking longingly and lovingly about our UK adventure this summer. Hope it's a wonderful time. And now it's your turn to hug Chris and Toni for us. :)


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