NOW I'm getting excited

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
People have been asking me for two months am I excited for the trip yet? But I've been so busy that no, I haven't had time to get excited, till now.

Final visits are done, worship leaders and speakers are in place, train tickets purchased on line, suitcase packed and only one more event to run tonight, the youth supper and bible study evening. Then tomorrow morning we are gone.

And are we awesome or what, we've got the packing down to pretty much one suitcase so I don't have to tow a train of cases behind me through England and wear out the wheels like we did last time we were there. Thanks to Lauralea's good packing and our previous back breaking experiences around the world.

One more sleep and we are off.

This is going to be good.


  1. safe travels and have a great time! See ya when you guys get back. :o)

  2. England?! What a merry land to be visiting. Know anyone nice there?!!!!!!! Where are you heading?

  3. Ah KateyBird, I know some very nice people there but they live in the underbelly of the Island on the beautiful beaches of Falmouth. Looks like we will be in the north, Kendal, for a week. Then north of Oxford for a couple of days.

  4. Enjoy making new memories and revisiting the old ones. Happy 25th!!

  5. You are likely already in the air but I wish you the best trip ever.


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