Nearly enough for a country song

Monday, March 12, 2012
Another tiring day of doctors visits, dentist referrals, broken car garage visits, auto insurance payments, sorting out the stolen, hacked VISA card, (oh right, I didn't mention that last week had I?) and so on.

As I reported in church, if I had a dog it would have died this week too. But then I'd at least have a country song.

The things of life I suppose they would be called. I just seem to have them all scheduled for the same week.

Tomorrow we get back to work and perhaps a bit of sanity.



  1. It's weird - every time I walk outside and look at all of the hail holes in the siding, I think that I am getting so used to chaos that I would start to get nervous if things stopped going crazy!

  2. Save these days for your retirement. You may have many platinum albums just waiting to be released. :)

    Hope today is much better.

  3. Getting better the more the sunshine hits the sky I think.

    And you Jason, just take it one tornado season at a time...


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