The day that wasn't

Saturday, March 10, 2012
Well the day was suppose to go like this;

1. Wake up and eat breakfast.
2. Head over to the office to do three hours more of work for tomorrow.  (I'm teaching, preaching, and leading worship tomorrow. At least I'm not in charge of coffee.)
3. Head into Edmonton with twenty other adults and young people and make supper for the MustardSeed clients.
4. Return home after a full day of work, adjust my clock for the time change tonight, and sleep peacefully.

How the day has gone so far:

1. Wake up and get a call from Lauralea that her car has died on the highway.
2. Head over to where she is to get car started. Failed at that.
3. Got her to her meeting.
4. Went home to try and try reaching a friend who is a good mechanic.
5. Ate breakfast.
6. Finally decided I needed to cancel my participation with the Mustard Seed fun today.
7. Met the mechanic and went back out to the car again.
8. Probably something with the keys/electronic system. Need a dealership.
9. Call around and find a soul who has a trailer large enough to carry the car to a dealership in town.
10. Meet the good soul named MATT NELSON at the car and push it up onto the trailer.
11. He took it to town and I headed home with Micah.
12. Headed off to office to do three hours work for tomorrow.
13. May not sleep deeply well because the rates at a dealership shop can range from $4000 to $8 million an hour.
14. At least its nice out... just when I'm in the office.


  1. I hope it is a ridiculously simply and affordable fix. One can hope, right.


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