Snow and stillness from the Fields of Barrow-downs

Friday, November 30, 2012
I am at my office early this snowy Friday morning, mostly because it's been that kind of a week. You know, a busy full week of people and stories and God and funerals and 40+ kids at youth and Moms of PreSchoolers, weather and computers and budget meetings and on and on.

So I got up early to be here and to find some silence in which to work.

The snow is light and fluffy today and it falls gently to the ground creating a sort of otherworldly quality, like something out of a J.R.R Tolkien book I think. It's a good start to this day and all that has to happen in it.

This Sunday is the First Sunday in Advent and that begins for us a time of watching and looking towards Christ. We'll do some different things to help us accomplish that, and as I do each year, I try to find quiet simple ways to encourage families to explore different values than the world seems to pursue each year about this time.

Yes, good and quiet here this early morning and the light is returning on this new day.

As for dragging myself to this day and this world, I've got someone calling in from a distance for a regular Spiritual Direction session in a bit, so I best go and get ready for that time.

Blessing on your day, oh and do something fun this weekend will you?
From the Fields of Barrow-downs.

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