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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Father and Sons working at Camp

So it dawned on me early this week as I was driving out to Covenant Bay Bible Camp to hang out with some Senior Highs, that all three of the guys in our family would be out there working this week.

I was speaking, Thomas had driven out from Saskatoon to help as a counsellor, and Micah is working with the worship and with the day-camp little people.

That's sort of significant, I think. And cool.

There's not always opportunity to work with my kids in the work that I do. But suddenly this day and event popped up and surprised me.

Pretty cool.
And I was proud - in a good way of course.

Father and Sons working at Camp


  1. Don't make it seem like it was so awkward Thomas...

  2. Some would call this synchronicity or coincidence. But in this moment - I think it is all God's Grace.

  3. How amazing, to share ministry with your sons.

  4. Yup, pretty cool.

    And to be fair, Micah was grabbing Thomas' bum in the first pic.


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