A full Sunday

Sunday, July 07, 2013

One service done.

One child christened.
One Holy Communion Celebrated.
One Twenty Fifth Anniversary Celebrated.
Six Worship Songs Sung.
One fun message on our dependence on the Holy Spirit.
Many bits of brought worst eaten.
Two cakes eaten.

I was nervous and uncomfortable about this morning for a variety of reasons, but the best part of the day was that God was in the house, and his people met together with him.

Now to change gears to camp and the Sr. Highs.

I LOVE talking with the youth, and hopefully they don't have to just put up with me. I don't like the quip that the youth are the future of the (Fill in the blank). I really believe that the youth are the present of whatever.

There are youth gathering churches in Asia and Africa, and doing powerful work around the world. They don't need to wait to be used of God.

So tonight I'm going to meet with them and talk a bit about listening. How it takes courage to listen and inner strength to listen and to hear.

But for now I'm going to grab a bite and then get ready for tonight.

Hope your Sunday involved a meeting with The Holy.

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