You doin something fun this weekend?

Friday, July 05, 2013
Yes it's Friday afternoon and I must turn my final efforts to a sermon, but I'm trying to find ways to delay that too.

Been already working on an article this week, and it turns out that I'm speaking twice next week at the Sr. High Youth camp. The speaker has fallen though and so we as local pastors are stepping up to fill the gap and I'm up for Sunday night and Tuesday morning. So my head is writing those things too right now.

Oh and we are bringing the service to the care homes next week too. I'll start on those as soon as I'm clear of this Sunday.

I'm working to keep my eyes open. The heat this week has really sapped the energy from me and I'm feeling it.

So it's Friday here, but for me that means pick up the pace Friesen. We're gonna be working this weekend.

Pardon me while I get back at it.

You doin something fun this weekend?


  1. Hoping for a cycle ride shortly - it's about 28'C outside and the sun is strong. Yesterday was a mix of tasks, sermon prep, short walk in the evening, then more sermon prep. At least the talk is now presented (and no-one walked out) so I can relax for a few hours.

    Tomorrow night is the first meeting of the new worship team round here. All new people, new hopes and aspirations too. Tuesday is church wardens meeting, Wednesday evening prep for Thursday church meeting, Friday is my evening off, though I'm preaching that Sunday too.

    Today I spoke, among other things, about the love of Jesus and being ground by the need to do enough.

  2. Sounds like a crazy busy season there Toni. Those weeks with more than three nights gone can make me crazy.

    It's 9 am here and I'm struggling to feel like I'm on top of this day.
    Going to be a full morning here with a christening and communion, and I'm continuing a preaching series on our church DNA and what are our values. I get to talk about our dependence on the Holy Spirit today and I always like talking about him.

    Tonight I'm out at camp talking to the Senior High School kids about what it's like to have the courage to listen.

    It'll be a fun day, but one of those that demands my full attention at all points, so I don't loose my way.


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