and suddenly I'm doing a graveside service here tomorrow

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
I just found out today, because the "regular guy" wasn't around.
I was asked at the last and I'm glad to do it.

She's 79 years old and it will be a state sponsored event.
Her children are all gone,
Her love, he died three years ago.
She has no close family.

No obituary, no history.
A birth date and a death date. That's all they have. Nothing more.
Tonight I'm in the office doing some digging, trying to find, well, anything.

I find a friend.
We piece together as well as we can, a bit about her life.
God has been a part of her story in the latter years.
A cheerful gal who loves people and her flowers.
Who had children who are all gone.
Who was born under a heavy cross she bore all her life.

How do these people ever face life with enough courage to even attempt to create something beautiful. And try again and again when it fails?

I am amazed again at the resiliency of life. Her life.
And tomorrow I have the honour of helping with her farewell.
A very real change from death to life.

It will be grand, even if it's only a few of us.


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