Another leaves

Saturday, August 31, 2013
It is beginning to feel like this these days in the field.


With the back to school commercials in the media, the coolness of the evenings, the earlier and earlier sunsets. I look forward with all my heart, to the season of Autumn, and I reject with all my heart, the season that follows after; winter. And so I am conflicted.

MicahAnother leaves the nest this very day. It is time for the last of our brood to leave and make his way in this world. Micah is off to school this afternoon.

He has found a good landing space for now, and will be heading off to CLBI for the year. And God being God about these things, has undertaken to provide him with just enough money for today. The exact amount. It's turning into a great life story. The kind of story we all need, as we transition from our parents faith to our own.

So there are all these mixed up feeling happening here. Memories of when I headed off to seek my fame and fortune. Memories of each one of our other children as they left home for school, taking pieces of our hearts with them.

There are lots of good-byes in life, and some start the moment they leave the womb. This journey away is filled with excitement and a deep sense of joy when they do well out there. But there are moments too of loss and great empty spaces in our day to day lives.

Mostly though, it's about the joy. At least that's what I tell myself.

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