Happy Anniversary

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Twenty Eight years ago right now Lauralea and I were getting married.

It was in her home church, the Evangelical Free Church in Prince George BC. My grandpa did the wedding. It was an amazing day.

After that we were back at college for our final year, and I think, we enjoyed the year. These are a few photos from our first year of marriage.

(Because we lost our yearbooks in one of the floods in Winnipeg, I took these photos of a yearbook when I visited PRBI last month.)

I was always so stoic and she, well she was not. God knew what he was doing with us two.


She's always been a beautiful woman, and again, God knew what he was doing with us. :)

I remember it being a fun year. The challenges were that we had very little money and some days all we had to eat was a flavoured powder you added hot water to and you had a sort of soup. It also meant we didn't have a phone, which really frustrated other people much more than it pained us.

I remember grocery shopping, each item painstakingly struggled over by both of us. I remember she would push for a bag of chips for me, a favourite treat, and I would struggle over the few cents price tag.

It was also very cold that year in the Canadian North.  I remember -50 centigrade and trying to get the old car started for a class I had in the city. Trying to warm up the car with a hairdryer... Mirrors snapped in the car from the cold. Even in our trailer, all the screws holding switch plates to the walls were frost covered.

But it was a great year, and God was so very good. And now we have stories to share. We learned about each other and ourselves and grew as individuals.

And then we graduated.


It's cool being married to the same woman for so many years, especially one who fits me so well.

So today I'm grateful to God for Lauralea and I'm ever so grateful to Lauralea, for saying yes and for sticking with me.

Life is good.

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